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Vitamin e lotion for scars which occur due to acne: Let’s Find Out

When you were in your teens you had hoped that you would be free from acne as you would grow older. Unfortunately acne and the scars that they left behind became part of your daily life. Especially during the summers you had acne in your face, even though you were in your late twenties. As these scars made your face look like the surface on the moon, you decided to go and visit a doctor. When visiting the doctor it was suggested that you should use Vitamin e lotion for scars which occur due to acne.

Does Vitamin E lotion work?

Over the years you had used various medical lotions and creams but nothing worked. You were skeptical whether Vitamin E lotion would work. Your doctor explained to you that these lotions contain Alpha-tocpherol. He further advised you to have almonds and fruits which had rich Vitamin E in them. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which protects the skin, nourishes the skin.

Vitamin E Lotion For ScarsHow would Vitamin E lotion application benefit?

Vitamin E is a powerful skin care ingredient and is found in most cosmetics. When your skin absorbs Vitamin E, the fats in your body absorbs it. Then this fat starts influencing the Vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is responsible for making your skin look beautiful. Therefore Vitamin A nourishes and softens your acne scars and over a period of few months, the scars would be removed from your face. Your face would now have a healthy glow.

Most researches have indicated that acne scars are temporary in nature and with time fade out. Only if you try to handle them using your hands when they are just growing, do the scars stay back. Here you can use Vitamin E Lotion For Scars which occur due to acne and the skin would be moisturized and the scars would be removed in no time.

Other things to do

Your doctor further advises you to do the following things to have a healthy skin and enjoy a good quality of life. These guidelines are:

1.    Identify what type is your skin and use products according to your skin type. If you have oily skin and use skin care products of dry skin, you would be visited by acnes very soon.

2.    If you have oily skin, you would need to wash your face a few times a day with an organic face wash developed for oily skin.

3.    Do not pick your acnes using your nails. This could make them get infection and leave a scar which would be difficult to get rid of.

4.    Exercise daily. Exercise improves body circulations and also opens the pores.

5.    Drink large amount of fluids daily and this would include your 8 glass of water.

6.    If acne scare persists visit a dermatologist and get treatment for it.

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